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Tailored to fit with the Arab culture and approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Intellect’s Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Program is the first in the world to be delivered in the Arabic language.

With the tremendous changes that are happening in the world, people are wrestling with job insecurity and increased workplace pressures to perform at higher levels than ever before. The Coaching process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.

The Certified Professional Coach is responsible for discovering & aligning with what their client wants to achieve, encouraging clients’ self-discovery and holding the client responsible for their actions. Through this unique learning experience, every participant will be able to support clients to continually reframe their problems and to continue to take actions towards resolving them.

Know-how for running professional coaching sessions that help clients unleash their potential in overcoming obstacles.

Achieve progress and sustainable success with your clients, you need to gain a mastery of the ICF core coaching competencies as well as some proven coaching techniques, strategies of change and a deep understanding of the client’s needs.

Understand the different coaching models and how to apply them when it comes to a real-life coaching session

Become aware of how to build a rapport with the client using science-based tools and techniques to make a strong connection with them.

Recognize the tools and techniques of understanding your inner self; as well as the client’s self, which will help you understand more how to deal with the client and benefit them the most

Why invest in this Program with Intellect

Intellect Coaching School is a leading Coaching and Development Provider In Egypt and the MENA region with more than 800 graduates over the past 9 years.

Our customized coaching approach is adapted to Middle Eastern culture and relevant to real life cases to provide you with proven tools and techniques to help your clients succeed.

Become an ICF Certified Coach with 90 Approved training hours

Knowledge transfer from ICF credentialed Coaches with +3000 coaching hours’ experience

Be a part of the “Intellect Coaches Community”, the biggest coaching community in Egypt and enjoy all the shared experiences, knowledge, discussions, activities and events.

Program Content

The Foundation of Coaching

Introduction to essential coaching qualities (ICF code of ethics and Core Competencies)

Coaching skills

History of Coaching

ICF Definition of coaching

Three main coaching pillars

Coaching types

Support Vs Challenge in coaching

Coaching Presence techniques

Advanced coaching techniques

Coaching structures and processes

Coaching tools

Listening: 5 levels of listening by Dr. Elliot Rosenbaum

Types of thinking questions by David rock

What is self-awareness?

Grow Model

Wheel of balance

Circles of Control, Influence and Concern

Wheel of life tool

The Wellbeing Theory

The four pillars of a Decision Making



Emotions- Emotional maturity

Wheel of emotions


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Conscious vs Subconscious mind

Different definitions to the conscious, subconscious

Self-Concept Theory by Carl Rogers

Four faces of insight by David rock

Six stages of change by Prochaska

Cognitive Distortions


Six sources of change

Understanding the different types of clients, their needs & challenges

The life balance & life planning/designing

Different coaching models & Intellect COACH model

Coaching techniques & overcoming client challenges, fears & limited beliefs

Powerful questioning to trigger new dimensions of thinking & creating awareness

Setting action plans & measuring progress

Personality types & different communication styles

ICF Code of Ethics & getting accreditation

Training Hours
Hours Of Mentor coaching
Hours Of Coaching Practice
( 75 Paid Hours with 8 Clients )
ICF Exam (Coach Knwoledge Assessment Exam)
Following program completion participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance which can be used when applying for the ICF exam (CKA). There is also an Intellect Coaching School Assessment as part of the graduation requirements to receive Intellect Certificate.
Program Trainer

Hossam El Ghoroury, ACC

Hossam is a Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Certified Family Counselor as well as a Certified LiveBy Design Coach - Young Adult Edition dedicated to Character Building.

Hossam has been passionately helping clients since 2011 (One-on-One and Group Coaching) through different aspects of their lives; relationships, personal development, weight loss, self-esteem and exploring career paths, shifts and Start-Ups.


Associate Certified Coach (ACC) / ICF

Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 1 & 2) Certified NLP Practitioner

Certified Positive Psychology

Certified Family Counselor


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The program will appeal to you if you are:

Individuals interested in coaching as a career

Life Individuals interested in integrating this knowledge to their work

Individuals seeking self-development