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Coach Program

Certified Career Coach Program is a tailored program approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to provide a simple, practical, and comprehensive framework that qualifies participants to run professional career coaching sessions.

Due to the fast and uncertain world that we live in nowadays, a lot of clients are becoming more inclined to hold jobs that don't fit their career aspirations just to be financially stable. Therefore, this program is designed for the participants who are willing to learn and apply the career coaching tools/techniques in order to help people find fulfillment in their careers.

A Career Coach will focus on helping clients in finding their true purpose; especially those who have reached a dead end in their current job. With the proper assistance from the career coach, clients will gain the clarity and confidence needed in their professional career.

This program also gives participants’ clients the know-how of designing career coaching programs inside organizations, coaching employees for performance excellence or performance recovery as well as the expertise on how to build a coaching career.

  • Define important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for career coaching and Getting Hands-On Career Coaching Experience during the pandemic

  • Facilitate your clients’ self-awareness process of knowing themselves better, gaining clarity about their life purpose, career values, interests, skills, personality traits and how these factors contribute to a satisfying career.

  • Facilitate your client’s Career Exploration Process, career searching strategies and networking techniques for Career Changers.

  • Facilitate client’s goal setting and action planning needs, CV writing & interview preparations and coach them on how to increase resilience and deal with work burnout.

  • Design career coaching programs inside organizations.

  • Coach employees for performance Excellence or performance recovery.

  • Assist clients to utilize the different job search tools/strategies and build a personal brand effectively.

  • Prepare for and deliver effective career development services to individuals and groups of different learning styles and dynamics.

  • Describe the hidden job market and how to access it.

  • Identify intake strategies to assist clients with understanding their needs, strengths, and barriers.

  • Intellect Coaching School is a leading coaching and development provider In Egypt and MENA region with more than 800 graduates over the past 9 years.

  • Customized coaching approach adapted to the Middle Eastern culture and relevant to real-life cases to provide you with proven tools and techniques to help your clients succeed.

  • Become an ICF Certified Coach with 95 Approved training hours.

  • Knowledge transfer from ICF credentialed Coaches with +3000 coaching hours’ experience.

  • Be a part of the “Intellect Coaches Community”, the biggest coaching community in Egypt and enjoy all the shared experiences, knowledge, discussions, activities and events.

Program Content

Introduction to essential coaching qualities (ICF code of ethics and Core Competencies

Coaching skills

History of Coaching

ICF Definition of coaching

Three main coaching pillars

Coaching types

Support Vs Challenge in coaching

Coaching Presence techniques

Advanced coaching techniques

Coaching structures and processes

Coaching tools

Grow Model

Wheel of life tool

Coaching Field

What is Coaching

• Difference between Coaching, Counselling, Mentoring and Consulting

• Career Coaching inside & Outside Organizations

• Career Development & Planning Theories

Evolution of Career Management & Career Paths

• Career Satisfaction vs. Career Success

Career Coach Key Competencies

Career Coaching Session Structure

Questioning Skills

Listening Skills

Reflective Skills

Building Rapport techniques

The GROW Coaching Model

Career Coaching Levels & Techniques

Career Coaching Models

Decision Making Coaching

Job & Career transition Coaching

Career Development Coaching

CV Coaching

Interview Coaching

Job Offers Coaching

Resilience Coaching

Career Burnout Coaching

Leadership & Talent Development Philosophy using Career Coaching

Integrating Career Coaching into Companies

Internal vs. External Career Coaches

Employees Performance Excellence Coaching

Employees Performance Recovery Coaching

Measuring the benefits and ROI of Coaching

Administer and Interpret

Career Assessment Tools

Career Health Check Tools

Life Purpose Assessment Tools

Career Values Assessment Tools

Personality Assessment Tools

Motivated Skills Assessment Tools

Career Interests Assessment Tools

Performance Assessment Tools

Jobs and careers searching strategies

Job and Career Information Resources

Selecting Job Targets

Networking Techniques for Career Changer

Corporate vs. Self-employed Working

Career Coach Career Path

Building a Career Coaching Business

Selling Career Coaching Service

Start Practicing Career Coaching

Digital Coaching

Career Coach Self-Care

Training Hours
Mentor Coaching
Coaching Practice
( 75 Paid Hours with 8 Clients )
ICF Exam Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam
Following program completion participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance which can be used when applying for the ICF exam (CKA). There is also an Intellect Coaching School Assessment as part of the graduation requirements to receive Intellect Certificate.
Program Trainer

Hassan Abdelkahar
HR Professional, Life, Executive & Career Coach

Hassan obtained his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Ain Shams University. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from International Coach Federation (ICF), a Certified Job & Career Development & Transition Coach from Career Development Network and a Certified Professional Trainer from American University in Egypt. Furthermore, Hassan Abdelkahar holds a diploma degree in International Career Management from ESLSCA Business School and he’s also a Certified Organization Design Architect from Kates Kesler Organization Consulting.

Hassan has been working in the Human Resources field with various industries including Automotive, Banking, Oil & Gas, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Real-estate, Telecommunication and Education. All of his work revolves around driving human resource initiatives that include People and Organizational Development Programs, Succession Planning, Organization Architecture & Process Design, Grading Systems, and Learning & Capability Building Programs.

Through Intellect’s Certified Career Coach program, Hassan has certified 100+ Career Coaches working as external and internal coaches for several companies & individuals across the Middle East, Europe and USA. With more than 3,000 coaching hours, Hassan coached clients from various nationalities and industries to help them maximize their potential and performance in life and work.


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Business & Career Consultants who want to enhance their Hands-On Practice of Career Coaching Techniques

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