Certified Parenting Coach Program

Certified Parenting

Coach Program

Approved from the International Coach Federation, the Certified Parenting Coach Program combines the art and science of becoming a highly equipped Parenting Coach, based on the most current researches on Coaching Techniques and Parent Education.
The Certified Parenting Coach Training Program provides a unique learning experience for each student by supporting you in taking your creative expression into the world using different learning platforms that meet your specific needs as a Family Support Professional.

During your Parenting Coach Training, you will have access to a wealth of information. The training materials include videos, coaching cases, practices and supplemental readings to ensure a valuable learning experience.

The program is focused on improving the quality of family dynamics and relationships by providing techniques and strategies on how to avoid conflicts and correct behavioral issues. Parenting Coaching enables parents to understand their children’s needs, emotions, abilities and developmental stages. It also helps in balancing the emotional and mental wellbeing of the entire family.

Latest research has demonstrated that coaching parents reduces the stress in family encounters and provides key skills for the family, allowing them to flourish. The goal of this program is to qualify and equip coaches with knowledge, proven tools and coaching skills to enable you to help caregivers in raising a happy, confident & grounded child/young adult as well as learn how to overcome any challenges that they might face as caregivers.

Master proven tools and strategies to coach parents to adopt a healthier parenting style with love, empathy and connection. A parenting style inspired by disciplining techniques that are free from shaming, blaming, criticizing, judging and labeling. Upon completing the program, parents will have adopted advanced communication skills to support them in communicating positively with their child.

• Intellect Coaching School is a leading Coaching and Development Provider In Egypt and the MENA region with more than 800 graduates over the past 9 years.

• Our customized coaching approach is adapted to Middle Eastern culture and relevant to real life cases to provide you with proven tools and techniques to help your clients succeed.

• Become an ICF Certified Coach with 170 (ACSTH)- ICF Approved training hours.

• Knowledge transfer from ICF credentialed Coaches with +3000 coaching hours’ experience.

• Be a part of the “Intellect Coaches Community”, the biggest coaching community in Egypt and enjoy all the shared experiences, knowledge, discussions, activities and events.

Program Content

The Brain

The brain is the mastermind behind decisions and actions. Understanding how the neurons work and when the hormones are produced will reveal how encoding and the decoding of behaviors work.


Beliefs are the roots of how well we perform and achieve in life. Understanding how beliefs are formed and the kind of beliefs we acquire will help in reforming and restructuring our new empowering belief system.


Emotions drive behavior and behind every emotion lies a need. Learning about regulating the emotions by learning about the spectrum of emotions and how to express them in a regulated mode will ease and empower positive communication and healthy relationships.

Love & Happiness

Love is a magical healer that reflects on the soul and allows individuals to become the best possible version of themselves. Happiness, as a science, informs us to differentiate between what is authentic and meaningful and what is fake and fruitless.


An eye opener to comprehend the different aspects of development that helps us to understand the dimensions of growth by age and by stage. Compassionately looking at children's limitations and underdeveloped abilities, will allow the opportunity to raise children with love and patience.


The perception about personality temperaments, traits and types will bridge the gap of misunderstanding. The needs, the fears and the motives behind the behaviors becomes clear to family members which enhances family responses and, thereby, family dynamics.


The function of the family and the roles and responsibility are the cornerstones of the family foundation. The parenting styles and attitudes make or break the family. The family values and mission statement unite a family into a harmonious unit. The time spent together allows deeper connection and memories for children to strive on.

Communication & Conflict

Communication and conflict go hand in hand to strengthen the family bonds. Communication is the art of phrasing and the attitude with which we communicate. To communicate in a nonviolent approach is the best way to compassionately handle family disagreement, tensions or conflicts.


The lost meaning of discipline is teaching. Teaching is modeling what you want to teach with integrity and consistency. Modeling respect, responsibility, self regulation. Coaching is far more effective and impactful on the long term rather than focusing on depriving or rewarding behaviors.


Motivation is highly driven by interest and by what you are passionate about. We can motivate ourselves and children by what feels right versus what should be right.

ICF Credentialing Requirements

Hours Of ACSTH Training
Hours Of Mentor coaching
Hours Of Coaching Practice
( 75 Paid Hours with 8 Clients )
Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam
Hours Of ACSTH Training
Hours Of Mentor coaching
Hours Of Coaching Practice
( 450 Paid Hours with 25 Clients )
Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam
Following program completion participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance which can be used when applying for the ICF exam (CKA). There is also an Intellect Coaching School Assessment as part of the graduation requirements to receive Intellect Certificate.
Program Trainer

Hanan Sabry

Hanan Sabry had devoted her adult life to studying about different disciplines in Human Development to empower parents and teachers to raise and teach children with love, wisdom and compassion. Her work focuses on developing the best versions of parents & teachers to allow children to flourish and reach their utmost potentials.

Her experience in the field of parenting had started in California two decades back where she had raised her son, engaged in teaching, coordinated children and youth activities and earned her master degree in teaching from University Of San Francisco

After she returned to Egypt in 2008, Hanan co-founded "Akhlakona", a character building curriculum that was administered at several international schools as part of the weekly class schedule for several years. And in attempt to change the mindsets and hearts of parents and teachers in Egypt, she designed and delivered several programs, workshops, trainings and online conferences to raise awareness about children's needs and facilitate strategies and tools to empower communication and connection in parenting and teaching. She also created several games and tools to facilitate learning and awareness.

Hanan partnered with Intellect Coaching School to design and deliver the first ICF (International Coaching Foundation) certified Parenting Coaching Program in the MENA region. Her twenty years of experience in the field have urged her to reflect her own thoughts and insights into a parenting modality named “Compassionate Parenting". She compiled her thoughts into a book to empower a wider range of audience.


M.A in Teaching, USF

B.A in Economics, AUC

NLP Certified Practitioner, INLPTA

Certified Biogeometry Practitioner, Biogeometry Egypt

Certified Relationship Coach, Intellect

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Intellect

Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Intellect

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The program will appeal to you if you are:

Parents or Caregivers Professionals who work with families / children

Coaches who want to add and expand their coaching specialization experience.

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