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Accredited by the International Coach Federation, the Certified Grief Coach Program combines the knowledge and skills of how to become Grief Coach, based on the most current researches in coaching techniques, strategies, and skills.

Accredited by the International Coach Federation, the Certified Grief Coach Program combines the knowledge and skills of how to become Grief Coach, based on the most current researches in coaching techniques, strategies, and skills.

The Certified Grief Coach Training Program provides a wealth of knowledge, powerful techniques and applicable proven tools to enable coaches aid their clients through their journey using different learning platforms that meet their specific needs.

During your certified Grief Coach program, you will have access to a wealth of information. The training materials include videos, coaching cases, practices and supplemental readings to ensure a valuable learning experience.

One of the very few truths all mankind face and share is loss. And no matter the different types of losses, we all grieve.

The goal of this program is to qualify and equip coaches with knowledge, proven tools and coaching skills to enable them to help clients reach their goals and find a new meaning for their lives after loss.

Program Content

Introduction to essential coaching qualities (ICF code of ethics and Core Competencies)

Coaching skills

Coaching presence techniques

Coaching techniques

Coaching structures

Coaching tools

Introduction to Grief Coaching

Grief Coaching Purpose

Difference between Grief Coaching and Therapy

Definition of Loss

Different types of Loss

Definition of Grief

Types of Grief

Forms of Grief

Characteristics of Grief

When to refer

Definition of Mourning

Difference between Grief and Mourning.

Mourning Tasks

Mourning Mediators

Eleven Tenets of Companioning the Bereaved

Mourning Principles

What to say and what to avoid

Ten Tenets of Wellness (Michael Arloski)

Why Invest in this Program with Intellect?

Intellect Coaching School is a leading Coaching and Development Provider in Egypt and the MENA region with more than 1000 graduates over the past 10 years.

Our customized coaching approach is adapted to Middle Eastern culture and relevant to real life cases to provide you with proven tools and techniques to help your clients succeed.

Become an ICF Certified Coach with 90 Accredited Training Hours.

Be a part of the “Intellect Coaches Community”, the biggest coaching community in Egypt and enjoy all the shared experiences, knowledge, discussions, activities and events.

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Is this the right program for you?

The program will appeal to you if you are:

Professional Coach who is willing to develop deeper understanding to losses, grief.

Psychologist/Psychotherapist willing to get equipped with tools, techniques and strategies to that guides grievers to move on and forwards.

Managers, Executives, HR functions who are willing to extend their knowledge, skills and experience to understand losses, and grief; and their impact on the wellbeing of the employees.

Anyone who has gone through losses that impacted their wellbeing and willing to gain deepened understanding and wisdom to grief, or caregivers willing to support and help others through their grief journey.


Program Trainer


Coach Roba Omar has graduated from the American University in Cairo with Computer Science major 1991, She holds several certificates in Psychology and education.

She has 16 years of experience in education field, she's a certified from the International Coaching Federation as a Professional, Relationship and Grief Coach.

She got her first certificate in coaching 2018. She is recognized for being the developer and instructor of the first ICF Grief Coaching program in the MENA region

Coach Roba has over 1000 hours helping clients through her one-to-one coaching, in addition to helping hundreds of thousands of people and inspiring them through her videos. Roba's objective is to spread awareness and support people to live a positive, healthy, and balanced life specially after going through life challenges by coaching.

Her dream is to teach and graduate hundreds of grief coaches. Together, they would all help people reach their goals through awareness, support and finding meaning for their lives modifications, leaving an impact that people can use even after she's gone.

The Certified

Grief Coach Program

Thank you for your interest in obtaining an ICF coaching Certificate through Intellect, We will be extremely delighted to have you joining one of our programs.

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