Masterclass Series

Positive Psychology Coaching

“The programme integrates three masterclasses, as described below”
  • Understand the background and development of coaching psychology

  • Consider the boundaries between coaching psychology and other helping professions.

  • Become familiar with a range of coaching psychology approaches, models and frameworks and consider your own approach.

  • Experience and practice some advanced coaching psychology skills, tools and techniques.

  • Understand the principles of positive psychology applications to coaching.

  • Develop a method for integrating these theories into your existing coaching approach.

  • Recognise and develop your own coaching-related strengths.

  • Learn and practice existing validated positive psychology interventions.

  • Learn and test new positive psychology interventions and tools developed for coaching practice.

  • Understand the concept of existential coaching and how philosophy can help you and your clients to live with greater awareness and courage.

  • Understand how existential coaching differs from other coaching approaches

  • Become familiar with the key philosophical elements of the existential coaching approach.

  • Practice and experience some techniques used in existential coaching.

Program Trainer

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes

Dr Andrea Giraldez-Hayes is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and Director of the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and the Wellbeing and Psychological Services Centre at the University of East London. Andrea describes herself as an evidence-based practitioner and her work with a particular interest in the boundaries between coaching and therapy and the use of art and creative approaches in coaching psychology.

Andrea is currently co-editor of Philosophy of Coaching, associate editor for Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice and International Coaching Psychology Review, and a member of the advisory board for the International Journal of Coaching Psychology. She is also an active member of the Division of Coaching Psychology Committee and chair of the Coaching Psychology Partnership and Accreditation Committee at the British Psychological Society, and assessor for the EMCC International Accreditations Committee. Throughout 35 years of professional practice, Andrea has worked as an academic, coaching psychologist and consultant for the private sector and governments in eighteen different countries.

Program Trainer

Dr Professor Ilona Boniwell

Professor Ilona Boniwell is one of the European leaders in positive psychology, studying, researching, teaching and implementing positive psychology for over 20 years, working as an academic, but also as a consultant with private companies, education, higher education and governmental institutions. She was the original founder and the head of the first Master's Degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) in Europe at the University of East London (UEL). Nowadays, she is a full professor of positive psychology and coaching psychology at the UEL, co-directs the International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and a PhD Programme in Positive Psychology at UEL, teaches Positive Management at l'Ecole CentraleSupelec Paris and HEC, and consults around the world as a director of Positran.

lona is passionate about practical applications of positive psychology to coaching, business and education. Her clients include Club Med, L'Oreal, Microsoft, SNCF, EDF, Sanofi, Bull, Mars, Eric Bompard, Microsoft, BNP Paribas, Sanofi, Sodexo and many others. Ilona has developed her own approach to positive psychology coaching and training and trained thousands of professionals around the world.

Program Trainer

Professor Aneta Tunariu

Dr Aneta D. Tunariu is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Professor of Applied Psychology with a specialism in the Psychology of Relating and Existential Positive Psychology Coaching. Aneta is a seasoned lecturer and is the Dean of the School of Psychology at the University of East London. Her academic expertise, her applied practice, and research are closely informed by concepts from social and existential counselling, positive psychology coaching, and psychoanalytic thought. Aneta has delivered numerous practitioner development workshops, lectures, keynotes and research presentations and is regularly commissioned to design Psychological Interventions across the private and public sectors in national and international settings